[How to make assorted chicken soup]_Homemade practice of assorted chicken soup_How to make assorted chicken soup_How to make assorted chicken soup

[How to make assorted chicken soup]_Homemade practice of assorted chicken soup_How to make assorted chicken soup_How to make assorted chicken soup

It is indeed a very happy thing to cook by yourself.

This can only be played by people who can cook by themselves. The method of assorted chicken soup is introduced below.

Prepare ingredients: Wash broccoli and cut into appropriate small pieces, wash carrots and cut into hobs, shiitake mushrooms and cut cross-blades, slice ginger, and wash three yellow chickens in cold water and cut into small pieces.

Prepare the ingredients for serving.


Bring half a pot of water to boil. After the water is boiled, simmer the chicken pieces for half a minute and boil the blood water (floating foam).


After the float is completely boiled, remove the chicken pieces with a colander and place it in a basin.


Add water to a saucepan and bring to a boil.


Add the chicken pieces to the pan, add the ginger slices, and cook for half an hour with the lid on.

It is advisable to spill the water over the ingredients, and the taste of water chicken soup will be washed out.

Affects nutrition and taste.


You can use this time to simmer broccoli during the boiling process of the soup pot.

Broccoli should not be soaked for too long, it will destroy its vitamins, so broccoli should be cooked at least eight times.

Boil the watered broccoli with a colander and serve.


Wait for the chicken stock in the stockpot to boil.

Listening to the sizzling sound of water in the pot, do you feel happy for a moment?


After the soup in the saucepan is boiled, cover it.

Add carrots and shiitake in order.

Add salt.

Cover and continue cooking.

The amount of salt is based on your own taste.


When capping, the stack is slightly under one seam to let out the boiling water vapor of chicken broth.

After the measured steam escapes, close the casing tightly.

(We have put too much soup in ourselves. We can only open the lid to cook it.

Because there are so many people, everyone is eating, and they will not miss such delicious chicken soup drops!

) 10.

Cover the lid and cook for a few minutes (because the soup is full), open the lid and continue to boil.

(For half-pot soup or two-thirds soup, cover with a lid and cook, it is easier to cook faster!

) 11.

Add broccoli that has been simmered in water and continue cooking.

12After adding broccoli, cook for about five or six minutes, a pot of beautiful, fresh, delicious and nutritious soup will come out!


Serve the soup pot on the table, the color is bright, delicious and not greasy, it is pleasing to the eye at a glance, not to mention the burst of fragrant aroma!

Serving a bowl, the orange red and green of vegetables, the whiteness of chicken, the shine of shiitake mushrooms, does the index finger move suddenly?


In fact, a meal is not as prosperous as processed.

When our national cuisine comes down from the screen and falls on your table, do you look at the gaze of your family members and their gentle smiles, do you feel that at this time, happiness is not changing?

Love a word lies in the sincerity of love, which causes tenderness and romance.

Then, with your delicate or generous hands, cook a delicious meal for those you love and those who love you.

The taste is so beautiful because it comes from the hand you love.

Just as love is so intoxicating because it comes from the one you love.

Healthy and nutritious food should start with cooking. I can see Xiaobian’s introduction of assorted chicken soup today. Let’s learn to make it and make our family eat healthier!