[Lemon white sugar marinating method]_ sugar marinade _ how to make

[Lemon white sugar marinating method]_ sugar marinade _ how to make

Lemon is a kind of fruit we like to eat, but lemon is a bit sour, and many people can’t eat lemon directly.

Lemon juice is loved by many people and can be supplemented with vitamin c.

In order to make lemons more delicious, some people add sugar to lemons. This can mask the acidity of lemons, make them taste better, and be more beneficial to children and the elderly.

So, what is the method of pickling lemon sugar?

Are there any caveats?

First, anti-aging nowadays, many women are getting old very fast, because the pressure of life is very high, and they also need to take care of the children, and girls will become aging, then you can choose to eat some rock sugar pickled lemons, haveAnti-aging effect, because lemons pickled in rock sugar are not so sour, a little sweet, and they are especially good for the skin after eating.

And the vitamins of lemon itself have not disappeared, so the effect on the face will be better. Some girls who feel that they are old can try to eat lemons with rock candy, I believe you will look younger.

Second, many people know that thirst quenches. In summer, the body consumes a lot of water. In this case, we will be particularly prone to thirst. In fact, at this time, it is recommended that you eat more lemons marinated in rock sugar because it has thirstFunction, if we drink rock sugar water, there is no way to quench thirst, and eating some pickled lemons will soon quench thirst.

You can try it in the summer, and there are so many lemons in the summer, you can buy them everywhere. Those who are interested can eat a little bit.

Third, to prevent kidney stones, many people will now get sick, especially some people will have kidney stones, which will cause a lot of trouble for the body, so some people with kidney stones can choose to eat some rock sugarPickled lemon, because citric acid can prevent some substances from turning into kidney stones, so it has a suppressing effect, so this effect is very important. People with poor health need to eat more.

No matter what the situation is, you can eat rock sugar pickled lemons, I hope everyone can remember.

But do n’t eat too much when you eat, just eat a little bit, this will also suppress kidney stones, I hope you can pay attention.

Fourth, whitening. Many people like to be white, because people with white skin are particularly good-looking. So people who want to turn white can try some lemons marinated in rock sugar. It contains a lot of vitamins, and the whitening effect will be very good.Many foods don’t have the whitening effect of rock sugar pickled lemon, you can eat a little bit if you need it, so you can turn white.